As businesses across the world enjoy a rebound from uncertain markets during the early Covid-19 pandemic, beer producers in 2022 enjoyed a strong seven percent growth in value year-over-year.

Brand valuation consultancy firm Brand Finance recently released a list of the 50 most valuable beer brands worldwide, ranked in terms of company potential. Rather than measuring revenue, the list, according to the consulting firm, measures “the net economic benefit that a brand owner would achieve by licensing the brand in the open market.”

Corona enjoyed strong value growth of 21 percent over the last year, following a slight dip in value in 2021. Brand Finance attributes the top brand’s brief stumble to consumers correlating the popular beer’s name with the coronavirus during the start of the pandemic, but it seems any such confusion has been resolved.

Similar to past rankings, Heineken still remains a close second to Corona with an estimated value of $6.9 billion. It’s a quickly narrowing gap between the top two brands, as Heineken’s commitment to sustainability practices seem to resonate with consumers. Its “EverGreen” initiative, referencing the brand’s iconic green packaging, is noted to especially drive consumer value.

The rankings of the most valuable beer brands are listed below.

The 10 Most Valuable Beer Brands in 2022

  1. Corona ($7.0 billion)
  2. Heineken ($6.9 billion)
  3. Budweiser ($5.6 billion)
  4. Bud Light ($4.5 billion
  5. Modelo ($3.9 billion)
  6. Snow ($3.6 billion)
  7. Kirin ($3.2 billion)
  8. Miller Lite ($2.9 billion)
  9. Coors Light ($2.9 billion)
  10. Asahi ($2.5 billion)

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