Disruptions to the usual course of business in 2020 left many beer producers wishing for better days. But according to a recently released list of the 50 most valuable beer brands, some fared much better than others. Business valuation consultancy firm Brand Finance ranked the producers in terms of brand value for the past year, and the results show the world’s 10 most valuable beer brands in 2021 are in a tight race for the crown.

With stock markets breaking records almost daily and inflationary pressures visible across wide-ranging unrelated commodities, the aftermath of the pandemic is more easily measured in the beer space by the loss of value experienced by leading brands. The precipitous drop, a total loss of 16 percent (amounting to $14.7 billion for the top 50 brands), comes as a result of reduced demand caused by social distancing measures and the closure of bars and restaurants.

Turning a gaze to brands specifically, Japan’s Asahi rose from 12th to 10th place this year and is the only beer in the top 10 that increased in value. While Corona took a massive hit (a decline in value of 28 percent), which could be linked to its unfortunate name association with the novel coronavirus, the brand maintained its superior status. Heineken remains close on its heels and seems poised to take over the title with another solid performance this year.

Brands such as Anheuser-Busch and Sam Adams clearly recognize the correlation between the pandemic and lagging sales figures, as the firms are offering liquid incentives to aid in the recovery process. As the catalyst for the decline has been mitigated in many areas, beer brands are primed for impressive growth in the next year as social interactions become more commonplace.

The most valuable beer brands in the world and their brand values for the past year are ranked below.

The 10 Most Valuable Beer Brands 2021

1. Corona ($5.822 billion)
2. Heineken ($5.646 billion)
3. Budweiser ($4.79 billion)
4. Victoria ($4.038 billion)
5. Bud Light ($3.952 billion)
6. Snow ($3.445 billion)
7. Modelo ($3.365 billion)
8. Kirin ($2.853 billion)
9. Miller Lite ($2.85 billion)
10. Asahi ($2.848 billion)

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