Love it or loathe it, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the chore of grocery shopping. Some folks even have their preferred grocery store; in fact, having a favorite supermarket is humorously recognized as the key sign that one is becoming an “adult.”

Data shared by 24/7 Wall St. outlines the most popular grocery stores in the United States. Both regional and national chains make the list, with some surprising results. Publix, Hy-Vee, and Safeway are beloved in multiple states, while outliers like Trader Joe’s aren’t as popular.

To create this list, 24/7 Tempo compiled data on the top five grocery stores from Yelp and Google Trends. It narrowed down the top five grocery stores based on the number of positive Yelp reviews, then compared that list against Google Trend search volume. The grocery store with the highest number of searches between Jan. 21, 2021 and Jan. 20, 2022 was named the most popular in that state.

Costco and Walmart weren’t included in the ranking, as these superstores sell more than just groceries.

Did your favorite grocery store make the list? Keep reading to learn the top supermarket in each state.

Alabama – Publix
Alaska – Fred Meyer
Arizona – Safeway
Arkansas – Kroger
California – Trader Joe’s
Colorado – King Soopers
Connecticut – Stop & Shop
Delaware – Acme Markets
Florida – Publix
Georgia – Publix
Hawaii – Safeway
Idaho – Albertsons
Illinois – Jewel-Osco
Indiana – Kroger
Iowa – Hy-Vee
Kansas – Hy-Vee
Kentucky – Kroger
Louisiana – Rouses
Maine – Hannaford
Maryland – Safeway
Massachusetts – Stop & Shop
Michigan – Meijer
Minnesota – Hy-Vee
Mississippi – Kroger
Missouri – Hy-Vee
Montana – Albertsons
Nebraska – Hy-Vee
Nevada – Smith’s
New Hampshire – Market Basket
New Jersey – Acme Markets
New Mexico – Albertsons
New York – Trader Joe’s
North Carolina – Food Lion
North Dakota – Hornbacher’s
Ohio – Kroger
Oklahoma – Aldi
Oregon – Fred Meyer
Pennsylvania – Aldi
Rhode Island – Stop & Shop
South Carolina – Publix
South Dakota – Hy-Vee
Tennessee – Kroger
Texas – Kroger
Utah – Smith’s
Vermont – Hannaford
Virginia – Harris Teeter
Washington – Safeway
West Virginia – Kroger
Wisconsin – Meijer
Wyoming – Albertsons