Most Popular Drinking games

Drinking games are a right of passage for college students. Every school and group of students have their own traditions and rules — whether it’s for beer pong, flip cup, or quarters. Yet despite all of the differences, one thing remains the same: Students post pictures of themselves playing whatever their go-to drinking game is on Instagram.

That’s what CollegeStats found after collecting drinking games related Instagram posts within a one-mile radius of American colleges with at least 4,500 students. If what the kids these days are putting on their social media is any indication, beer pong is the most popular game by far, and New York students really like to show off how much they drink.

Students in New York mentioned a drinking game 193 times per 100,000 residents. That blew the second and third highest — Illinois with 60.6 and California with 60.2 — out of the water. Beer pong, quarters, and flip cup were the three most popular with 32.9 percent, 20.7 percent, and 20.1 percent of all drinking game Instagram mentions, respectively.

The top five drinking game colleges by number of posts were Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J., Rutgers University in Camden, N.J., Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Ga., Chapman University in Orange, Calif., and Strayer University in Arlington, Va.

Don’t count out the Ivy Leagues and highly regarded academic colleges, though. Brown had the third most beer pong pictures, MIT had the third most quarters pictures, and Yale had the third most flip cup pictures per 1,000 students.

Of course, the data isn’t perfect. The hashtags used — #BeerPong, #BeerOlympics, #BeerRoulette, #3man, #ThreeMan, #Drinkapalooza, #DrinkingGames, #DrunkJenga, #Edward40Hands, #EdwardFortyHards, #FlipCup, #KingsCup, #PowerHour, #Quarters — could have been used by people who aren’t college students as well.

Still, with how popular Instagram is among college-aged students, it’s a good indication of what’s going on in America’s institutions of higher learning. Check out if your school made the list below. All infographics courtesy of