Though some regions are ending the practice, ordering cocktails to-go became a favorite activity during the pandemic. And after a year of having drinks delivered, it appears that diners are in the mood for flavorful, tropical-inspired libations, as well as traditional favorites like lager.

Food delivery giant Grubhub recently shared data covering tens of millions of orders over the last six months in its third annual “State of the Plate” report. The statistics indicate that imported beers from Holland and Japan are heavy favorites, and notably, that cocktail connoisseurs are increasingly opting for a variety of complex flavor combinations as compared to the same timeframe last year.

Dutch lager leads the pack — Heineken, anyone? — with hot sake in second place, and Japanese beer in third. Fourth and fifth places are occupied by a pair of fruity Margaritas — hibiscus and blood orange, respectively.

Aperol Spritz, the ubiquitous summer classic, is followed by trendy hard seltzer, with Peach Paloma, Piña Colada, and Mimosa rounding out the top 10.

Check out the list below to see the most-ordered drinks.

The Top 10 Trendiest Drinks of the Year

  1. Dutch lager
  2. Hot sake
  3. Japanese beer
  4. Hibiscus Margarita
  5. Blood Orange Margarita
  6. Aperol Spritz
  7. Hard Seltzer
  8. Peach Paloma
  9. Piña Colada
  10. Mimosa