When Jonathan Goldsmith retired as Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World, he didn’t stop being interesting. Goldsmith the man has a life nearly as interesting as the character that made him famous — something that VinePair learned first hand in an exclusive interview.

Now Goldsmith has another project, and this time, the drink is a littler stronger. Now, Goldsmith is working on commercials for Astral Tequila, and it’s nostalgia inducing for fans of the Most Interesting Man in the World.

Light Spanish guitar plays in a teaser for the commercial as someone pours Astral into Goldsmith’s glass. He’s in a leather chair and toasts a woman in lingerie on one side while another woman smiles at him on the other side.

“I told you, I don’t always drink beer,” Goldsmith says. “Astral Tequila.”

The director, David Lipman, told AdWeek that the tequila is “a spirit with character, far from boring, just like its new partner, Jonathan Goldsmith.”

Goldsmith’s contract with Dos Equis listed a timeline where he couldn’t work with another alcohol brand. He took a spot as a contributing editor with True.Ink magazine and continued writing. He also drank his favorite beverages, he told VinePair in 2016: Martini, a glass of wine, and good Scotch, bourbon, and rye. He also added that he isn’t one to turn down a good tequila, though.

Over the phone last year, Goldsmith told me that “everybody needs a hobby, Nick.” It’s starting to look like Goldsmith’s hobby is portraying envy inducing characters in alcohol commercials.

“I Told You” Astral Tequila Teaser from Davos Brands on Vimeo.