With beer giants like Molson Coors mass-producing labels like Coors Light and Keystone Light, it’s not typical that the consumer finds much of a difference from package to package, especially from a geographic standpoint. A Coors Light brewed in Ohio is going to have the same flavor and consistency as a Coors Light brewed in Colorado — until it doesn’t.

Molson Coors has issued a voluntary withdrawal of select packages of 12-ounce cans of Coors Light and Keystone Light brewed at the company’s Trenton Brewery in Ohio. A spokesperson for Molson Coors repeatedly emphasized that the withdrawal is not a recall, highlighting that the beers do not pose any food-related safety threats. If the issue driving the product pull isn’t food-related health concerns, then what exactly is the problem?

While not specified by any member of Molson Coors as the reason behind the withdrawal, the move coincides with a recent uptick in viral videos on TikTok showing drinkers pouring a thick, slime-like liquid from the beers in question. The first video, uncovered by Snopes, has been viewed over two million times and depicts a man pouring Coors Light from a can that is so thick it sticks to his fingers as he runs his hands through the stream. A second video shows a similar scene, with beer pouring from a can of Keystone Light so syrupy that it blows in the wind. When specifically asked to comment on the impact the videos have had on the voluntary recall, the spokesperson for Molson Coors had no comment.

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“We recently became aware of an issue on only one canning line at only one of our breweries that supplies these two beers to a relatively small number of states,” the spokesperson said. “The impacted product does not pose a food-health risk, but it doesn’t meet our quality standards. As a result we chose to work with our distributors and retailers to voluntarily withdraw impacted packs from the market.”

These impacted packs include:

  • Coors Light 12 Pack 12-ounce Cans (UPC: 00-71990-00048)
  • Coors Light 18 Pack 12-ounce Cans (UPC: 00-71990-30017)
  • Coors Light 24 Pack 12-ounce Cans (UPC: 00-71990-31600)
  • Coors Light 30 Pack 12-ounce Cans (UPC: 00-71990-30030)
  • Keystone Light 15 Pack 12-ounce Cans (UPC: 00-71990-48045)
  • Keystone Light 24 Pack 12-ounce Cans (UPC: 00-71990-48006)

Molson Coors encourages any consumers with questions to reach out to their quality control hotline at 1-800-645-5376.