Ever woken up from a peaceful slumber and been struck with the realization that you desperately miss the aroma of a dive bar? Miller Lite has a candle — yes, a candle — for that.

On Wednesday, the brewer announced it is releasing a line of limited edition candles that come in in three “curated” scents: Game Day Bar (salted peanut, jalapeno, cracked leather), Beer Garden (green moss, warm pretzel, cracked wood, sunburn), and Dive Bar (must, tobacco, pine, yeast.)

Since the pandemic has made it increasingly difficult to inhale the trusty old scent of spilled beer, these candles are sure to do the trick. Available for preorder now, each one will cost you $20. If you think that’s steep, consider that Miller Lite says all of the proceeds are going toward supporting the hospitality industry, which has been hit particularly hard by Covid-19.

“While the world finally starts to open back up, many are missing the sights, sounds, and smells of their favorite draft beer and their favorite watering hole,” Carol Krienik, associate marketing manager for Miller Lite, said in a press release. “That’s why Miller Lite is releasing a limited line of candles called ‘Bar Smells,’ with all proceeds going to the hospitality industry via the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild Foundation.”

If you’re ready to be transported back to your favorite bar via some funky aromas, check out shopmillerlite.com for the candles. Each one boasts a 50-hour burn time, so you can keep reliving those good memories.