Michigan Grannies Are Rejoicing Over This New State Law

Getting older just got a little less terrifying — at least if you’re a Michigan resident. According to Fox 17, Lansing Governor Rick Synder signed legislation yesterday permitting “homes for the aged” to obtain liquor licenses. The bill became Public Act 328 upon signing, with support and sponsorship from Senator Peter MacGregor.

Michigan state law defines “homes for the aged” as “supervised facilities that provide room, board, and supervised personal care to 21 or more individuals age 60 or over.” And now booze, apparently!

Governor Snyder explains that the bill “helps ensure that those serving Michigan’s aging population are given more opportunities to offer products and services that help their residents feel more at home.” Or feel more at the bars of yesteryear. Regardless, we’re all in favor for letting the grandparents of our nation loosen up a bit. Who deserves it more than them, really? We’re just wondering whether this boozy addition will somehow contribute to more frequent family member visits… To be continued!