Supermarket MadnessLet’s face it, no one really likes going to the grocery store. You have to navigate aisle upon aisle of stuff, usually while pushing a cart that has one wheel off track. It’s 100% no fun. Thankfully one cutting-edge grocery store chain in Michigan recognizes this, and they have a plan to fix it: let shoppers drink beer and wine while shopping!

Busch’s Fresh Food Market, which is headquartered in Ann Arbor Michigan, recently applied for a liquor license for their new store just west of Detroit. The plan is to set up an in-store bistro that would allow visitors to visit the bar before grabbing a cart and hitting the aisles – and they can bring their glass along with them.

The idea is to allow shoppers the ability to “sip and stroll,” creating a more laid-back shopping environment for guests that changes a trip to the grocery from one where you constantly feel you have to get in and get out to one that is relaxing and more enjoyable. An added bonus of adding the bar is that the store can highlight beers and wines they currently enjoy, which might just cause shoppers to grab a glass and then walk out with a bottle or a case.