Michelob Ultra will run two Super Bowl commercials for the first time ever this year. The first, starring Chris Pratt, is a silly, tongue-in-cheek ad following Pratt as he “trains” for his big role as the Mich Ultra spokesperson, bragging around town to a police officer, a personal trainer, and a drug store employee of the month. At the end of the ad, he learns he’s a lowly extra. LOL at less important actors.

The other, “real” ad features Pratt along with athletes like golfer Brooks Koepka and surfer Kelly Slater, with sporty crowds singing the 1975 country song, “I Like Beer.”

Then, there’s the totally not real ad. The Internet responded with its own rendition, advertising Michelob Sport, an imagined product that targets outdoorsy bros who think drinking piss-colored light beer will make them better hikers.

“So, it’s good for us, then?” Asks Bro No. 1.

“Nope,” replies omniscient Michelob Ultra narrator.

“Hydrates us, right?” Inquires Bro No. 2.

“Definitely not,” says Michelob Ultra God.

“Does it at least replenish electrolytes?” This, from Bro No. 3.

“Guys, it’s just beer.”

The commercial, posted by Los Angeles actor/writer, Chris Sturgeon on his YouTube channel, might be the best beer ad of the weekend.