A good beer can be tantalizing — so tantalizing, even, that you may not notice the air mattress you’re on is floating out to sea.

Two men in Perth, Australia encountered this problem last Saturday when their plans for day-drinking quickly derailed to day-drifting. Naturally, it didn’t help matters that their floatation device of choice was riddled with pinholes.

It all started when the mates decided to drink beers on a mattress. Jackson Perry and Noah Palmer were carried two-and-a-half miles out into the Indian Ocean by strong winds before they were saved by their friend Texas Reeks. Their white knight on a jet ski brought volunteer rescuers in tow after Perry and Palmer used their (dying) cell phones to contact him.

Perry offered some evergreen advice to Australian news outlet Sunrise, noting that if you plan on crushing a few brews on a free-floating blow-up mattress in the ocean, “definitely check the wind forecast before.”