Homemaker extraordinaire and entrepreneur Martha Stewart is forgoing dry January and instead opting for “DIY January” in a new campaign for Tito’s Handmade Vodka. In the minute-long video, the guru shares hacks for using a bottle of vodka without actually consuming it.

Instead of sipping Tito’s, she suggests a variety of at-home uses for the neutral spirit. As some consumers cut down on cocktails during January — and others drop drinking altogether — these hacks seek to keep unused bottles from gathering dust throughout the month.

The video includes a short montage of Stewart’s alternative uses for the popular vodka:

She spritzes the spirit onto a pair of mud-caked boots, sharing that it helps to deodorize stinky fabrics. She then pours at least two shots of vodka into a saucepan while cooking up some penne. The vodka also works on surfaces to sanitize and clean, Stewart states. Finally, she recommends a 1.75-liter bottle as an easy meat tenderizer and a quick mist of vodka to help to revive fresh-cut flowers.

“I certainly can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing with my Tito’s,” she says, smirking into the camera over a Martini. (Note to anyone wanting to drink like Martha: She orders hers with vodka and a lemon twist). The video ends with a disclaimer: “We can’t guarantee the outcome of these DIY uses for Tito’s — they are legally non-binding because this is a joke and we’re a vodka brand.”

For those interested in trying their hand at the vodka “hacks,” Tito’s offers a DIY January Kit on its merch website. The $10 package includes three functional attachments for Tito’s bottles: a trigger sprayer, fine mist spray cap, and stainless steel pour spout.

Unfortunately for any at-home DIYers, the kit is already sold out online. But if you have some extra time — and a spare bottle of booze — these tips may still be worth a try.