Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart seem to be everywhere together— soon, even the wine shop.

Starting in January and launching nationally Feb. 1, the wildly popular 19 Crimes wine label announced its latest line extension launching in partnership with domestic goddess of white-collar crime, Martha Stewart: “Martha’s Chard.”

The new face is a dainty twist for 19 Crimes, an Australian-owned brand known in the States for its red blends emblazoned with rough and tough criminals (and their tragic tales, told via augmented-reality labels). While most of the wines in the 19 Crimes portfolio are from down under, the brand expanded in 2020 to include a California red blend and rosé, partnering with Stewart’s former co-star, frequent business partner, and personal pal, Snoop Dogg. Seeing how often the two work together, for Stewart to join in on the success of the rapper’s line makes perfect sense.

Coming in January and February 2022, the wildly popular 19 Crimes wine label will partner with domestic goddess of white-collar crime, Martha Stewart, for a new bottle of California wine: “Martha’s Chard.”

“The release of 19 Crimes Martha’s Chard comes as the brand has experienced explosive growth, delivering the Number 1 US Wine Innovations in both 2020 and 2021 for our first California wines with global icon, Snoop Dogg,” John Wardley, Treasury Wine Estates’ vice president of brand marketing, said in a press release. “Just like her creative collaborator and friend Snoop, Martha Stewart also embodies the spirit of 19 Crimes — disruption and culture creation. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome another absolute icon of modern American culture to the 19 Crimes family.”

With so many celebrities taking over the beverage industry, it comes as no surprise that this is not Stewart’s first foray in the world of wine. In 2017, Stewart launched Martha Stewart Wine Co., a website sourcing and selling curated wines from celebrated wine regions. However, this is Stewart’s first endeavor having her own name and likeness on a label, and needless to say, she’s stoked:

“Unanimous. Martha’s Chard. My new wine from 19crimes was LOVED by everyone at dinner tonight. First time my friends tasted and drank it and they gave it THUMBS UP!!!!!!!” Stewart posted on Instagram.

Martha’s Chard will be available in California later this month, and reach stores nationwide Feb. 1, 2022. The bottle is listed at $12.