It should have been a relaxing Friday afternoon for Mark Hough, of Altadena, California. With the hot tub fired up, and a freshly-poured margarita, Hough was set to kick off the weekend in tranquil fashion.

Before long, however, and having enjoyed little more than a sip of his margarita, Hough was interrupted by the unnerving sound of breaking twigs and rustling leaves. With the noise increasing, he soon realized the interruption may be more than just a nosy neighbor.

“So I got up, looked over in the bushes and lo and behold there’s a bear climbing up over my fence,” Hough told The Associated Press on Monday.

Spotting the bear, Hough put down his drink and rushed inside, before later returning to discover the oversized intruder “bobbling away in the Jacuzzi enjoying himself.”

It was the first of three visits from the bear that afternoon, two of which Hough managed to capture on video.

Not satisfied with forcing Hough to evacuate his backyard, the bear set its sights on his cocktail. “[It] walked right over to the margarita, knocked it over and lapped it,” Hough said.

A while later, thinking that the bear had left, Hugh was talking to a neighbor when he noticed leaves falling from above his head. Looking up, he realized that the bear was now taking a nap in his tree.

“So he had his margarita, he had his Jacuzzi, and now he’s ready for an hour nap,” Hough said.

When the bear was finally hustled away for good, Hough says he made himself two margaritas to make up for the one he lost.

“It was an interesting Friday, to say the least,” he said.