Back in December we brought you a state-by-state map revealing how America deals with office parties and family gatherings during the December holiday season — in terms of their booze consumption. Now that it’s safe to drink outside, the good folks at BACtrack helped us take another look at state-by-state drinking, this time during the summer months.

Over at the BACtrack website you can check out how our drinking changes throughout the summer — hint…we really know how to celebrate our independence. The map you can see here is an average for all three summer months, June to August. More details follow below.

The Drunkest States During The Summer

Here’s the breakdown on the “winners” and the “losers” across America:

  • The states with the highest average BACs are: West Virginia (.103), Nevada (.095), Pennsylvania (.088), Connecticut (.088), and Nebraska (.082)
  • The states with the lowest average BACs are: Kentucky (.039), Delaware (.042), Washington D.C.

The biggest surprise was D.C.’s low showing (if you’re not familiar, D.C. usually ranks near the top of most drinking rankings). We’re wondering if Congress’ long July 4th reccess centered around the biggest drinking day of the summer has anything to do that.

Head over to BACtrack for more info, including charts of the tipsiest and soberest drinking days during the summer.