The good folks at BACtrack make an array of breathalyzers, including consumer versions that sync with your smartphone. BACtrack anonymously aggregated nearly 300,000 BAC test results to take a look at how America drinks. We thought the most fascinating data they published was their look at state drinking levels in December. In other words, we’ve got a look at who is drinking the most during the holidays — the season of celebration and family-induced stress. Some of the results are, how shall we say it, surprising…

Iowa came in “first place” with an average BAC of 0.122% while Delaware was the soberest state, averaging a mere 0.003% average BAC. See the top and bottom five states below the map.

They also have interesting data about the days and weekends we drink the most.

The Drunkest States In America During The December Holidays

So who were the “winners” and “losers” — here’s the scoop:

The states with the highest average BACs are: Iowa (0.122%), Arkansas (0.113%), Alabama (0.112%), Maine (0.107%), and Tennessee (0.106%)

The five states with the lowest BAC are: Delaware (0.003%), Mississippi (0.026%), New Hampshire (0.029%), Wyoming (0.031%), and New Mexico (0.036%)

All data is sourced from BACtrack’s Winter 2014 Consumption Report. Head over there to see even more. Data analysis created with Tableau.

* Please note the report includes a summary of highest and lowest consumption levels that does not match the chart data. We have provided the actual data which was used to create the map.