When does the bar open? And when’s last call? Well the answers depend on where you are — or if you’re lucky enough to be in one of those places where last call just never happens. Redditor manychairs set out to answer these two questions in the form of an interesting animated map. You can skip right down to the map, but if you’re interested in the details, here you go:

  • For each state, the closing time is set by its largest city. An example given by the map’s creator is that New York City’s closing time is 4am, whereas the state’s closing time is 2am.
  • The data comes from this Wikipedia entry.

Bar Opening And Closing Times In Every State - Animated Map
He also collected data for Alaska and Hawaii:

  • Alaska: Bars open at 8am and close at 5am in the state.
  • Hawaii: Bars open at 8am and close at 4am in the state.

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