Make Your Own Beer With Personal Brewing System BrewArt

Have you ever thought about brewing your own beer? Ever enjoyed a specific beer but thought a bit more bitterness or sweetness could make it perfect? You’re certainly not alone because BrewArt, a personal brewing system, will be launching in Australia in the mid-July.

Essentially, BrewArt is a product that allows people to make beer in the comfort of their own home without getting their hands dirty. It consists of two major parts: the BeerDroid and the BeerFlo. The BeerDroid is the brewing component of the product and it can handle up to 10 liters (338 oz) of beer at a time. – which is basically two twelve packs. The BeerFlo, if you couldn’t guess, is a beer dispenser that’s temperature controlled and can hold up to 5 liters (169 oz).

Those are the basic parts of the beer-loving-robot, but in practice it’s actually pretty sophisticated. It can connect to Wi-Fi, so with a smartphone app you can easily adjust the brew to your liking while at work, on vacation, or just on your couch polishing off the last batch. Also, the app will notify you when the brewing process is finished and the beer is ready to be stored or tapped.

This is all fine and well, but brewing beer is a complicated process with many ingredients, so how do you get them? Well, BrewArt is making this as easy as possible, selling the ingredients themselves along with its robot, i.e. malts, hops, yeast.

Also, on its website they have a BrewAssist section where recipes for mass consumed beers are listed, such as Heineken. So, if you really enjoy a specific type of beer but just want it as fresh as possible, this is a fun option. Also, if you want your Heineken to have a slightly hoppier flavor, you can just add a touch more hops in the brewing process. The BrewArt really allows the consumer to create whatever beer they want.

The BrewArt will launch in Australia in a couple of weeks and will cost $799 and $699 for the BeerDroid and BrewFlo respectively, culminating in a total of roughly $1500 just for the robot. Obviously this is quite expensive, but it is pretty damn cool.

Shortly after its launch in the southern hemisphere it will hit the U.S. market, where it will compete with similar products also making their way into the vertical, such as the iGulu, the Brewie and Brewbot.