Angelenos will soon be able to enjoy dinner and drinks alongside some of Tim Burton’s most famous characters at the Beetle House LA. The bar is modeled off of the New York restaurant of the same name that Zach Neil and Brian Link opened in 2016. There’s not much information out other than a reservation page on the Beetle House NYC website, but if it’s anything like the New York City location, you can expect pure madness.

Waiters play the part of actors as they embody famous Tim Burton Characters, and menu items pull inspiration from movies like Sweeney Todd (Fleet Street Martini), and Edward Scissorhands (Edward Burgerhands). The restaurant isn’t affiliated with any movie, the Beetle House website notes, “BUT WE LOVE THEM.”

Neil knows what he’s doing when it comes to themed bars. In addition to Beetle House, he’s been a part of opening a Will Ferrell bar called “Stay Classy New York.” In the run up to the presidential election, Neil opened an America-themed bar called ‘Merica that had AK-47s and handguns handing from the wall alongside political cartoons.

Check out the full menu at the New York location and get ready. According to Food & Wine, the LA location will open on May 20.