If you’re a true wine lover, the satisfaction of a delicious and sustainable bottle of wine is unbeatable. But what if that winery took sustainability one step further and made their wine a zero-waste product?

That may soon be the reality thanks to scientists and researchers working on making leather out of wine grape skins, stems, and seeds.

Instead of burning, dumping, or burying the waste leftover over the grapes are crushed, scientists are transforming it into a leather-like product. It’s perfect for vegans, just like mushroom leather, but it’s more sustainable because tons of raw material is created every year in wineries around the world.

H&M recently gave 300,000 Euros to a research team led by Rosa Rosella Longobardo to develop the concept as part of its sustainability project to become climate positive.

An Italian company started by Gianpiero Tessitore called Vegea will have a product by October. Tessitore started working with the University of Florence in 2014, and, according to Decanter, will have a prototype to display in Milan, Italy.

Before you know it, you could be carrying your wine in your leather purse made from wine. Sustainable, fashionable, and made with the byproduct of your favorite drink. We can’t wait to have one of our own.