Hold my seltzer. Temescal Brewing, an Oakland-based craft brewery with a delightful sense of humor (and a trendy sense of taste), has canned a special treat for San Francisco Beer Week: La Fizz. The La Croix-inspired “sparkling ale” is a 3.8 percent ABV, easy-drinking ale made with fresh ruby red grapefruit zest, reports Eater San Francisco.

The homage to La Croix was created due to the non-alcoholic beverage’s popularity behind the scenes in the Temescal brewhouse, writes Eater. La Fizz launched February 13 at the Temescal taproom and beer garden, and will roll out at select beer stores throughout the week, according to the report.

“Beer Week is often a time when brewers release really big beers: monster stouts, triple or quadruple IPAs,” Sam Gilbert, Temescal Brewing founder, says in Eater. “Our philosophy as a brewery has always leaned in the other direction, towards beer that is drinkable and soft, so we thought this would be a fun bit of counter-programming. Sort of a ‘healthy alternative’ before you dive back into those 12% ABV barleywines.”

We’re pretty sure no one’s really crushing barleywines nowadays, but in any case, the light and easy La Fizz sounds like a welcome addition to any Beer Week celebration.