Kylie Jenner’s makeup line may have helped her to become the youngest billionaire, but the 21-year-old may be expanding her empire into the alcohol industry.

According to reports, Jenner has filed for trademarks on alcohol-related products including wine, spirits, prepared cocktails, cocktail mixes. A “Kylie Kosmo” has a nice ring to it.

The reality TV star also filed trademarks for restaurants, bars, and cocktail lounges, which means she could be entering the service industry (albeit, likely not serving anyone herself).  Jenner also filed for some unexpected trademarks for products including household items and baby carriers.

She won’t be the first celebrity to dip her toes into the drinks business. Ryan Reynolds is the face of Aviation Gin, Taylor Swift’s label has its own vodka brand, and MMA fighter Conor McGregor launched a whiskey label last year, to name a few.

But imagine being in a Kylie Klub, drinking a Kylie Kabernet, and munching on Kylie Kalamari. Sounds pretty Kylie Kool to us.