booze baby header
For as long as stadiums, arenas and concert venus have been charging exorbitant prices for booze, people will try and find inventive ways to smuggle their own in. While fake binoculars, bras and even sandals have functioned as vessels for transporting alcohol, up until this point, no one has attempted to benefit from the illusion that they’re a responsible parent, all the while drinking low cost booze to their hearts content. Behold the Cool Baby, fundraising right now on Kickstarter.

Invented by Simon Philion, the Cool Baby looks like an ordinary baby in a Baby Bjorn – ok, we have to admit anyone who actually thinks this is a real baby probably needs to have their eyes examined, it looks pretty fake – but in reality, this baby is holding a ton of booze. Just fill the baby up, take it to your next event, and while everyone else thinks you’re such a great parent, lightly kissing your child’s head, you’ll actually be slurping up the contents inside.

Here’s a somewhat twisted video of the baby in action.

All in all, this is probably a pretty great gag gift, but we can’t see it being very functional. As we mentioned above, the baby looks incredibly fake – even a 3 year old knows the difference between their toy doll and a real baby – and it only comes in Caucasian, which is pretty limiting unless you’re white or want to try and convince people that the baby is either adopted or you’re looking after it for a friend, which isn’t something we’d really want to get in to – if you’ve made it this far without anyone noticing how incredibly fake this baby looks, it’d be good to try and avoid more scrutiny.

We have to hand it to Simon though, as he says on his Kickstarter page, drinking in public is now definitely more adorable.