Ketel One’s newest innovation could alleviate some of the headache that comes with shaking up a round of Espresso Martinis.

The brand debuted a new Espresso Martini machine for bars and restaurants this year, a Ketel One representative tells VinePair over email. The new machine creates cocktails in around 20 seconds per drink — cutting down on the hassle and time it takes to create the sweet beverage.

It’s currently only available in industry settings and not marketed for consumer use.

To create a batch of Espresso Martinis using the machine, bartenders should mix the drink’s specs (vodka, cold brew coffee, coffee liqueur, simple syrup, and water) and pour it into the machine. From there, bartenders can dispense individual cocktails into Martini glasses by simply pulling the machine’s handle. The ideal garnish is three coffee beans or orange zest, according to Ketel One.

Each batch makes 30–35 cocktails, per the brand. The machine adds nitrogen to the mixture to create the cocktail’s signature look and texture.

“As the best-selling vodka at bars globally, Ketel One consistently delivers on the consumer demand for delicious cocktails,” the brand tells VinePair. “We knew that finding a way to serve the Espresso Martini at volume would be a great way to maintain quality and consistency, create a fun engagement moment for guests, and of course, make things a little easier for our friends behind the bar.”

The coffee maker-sized machine is expected to cut down on the stress and time it takes to make the beverage.

“For every one cocktail a bartender hand-shakes, the machine can pour 6.75 (in about one minute–30 seconds),” the brand claims.

A few establishments in Philadelphia have received the machine, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. They retail for around $1,800, a purchase that some bar owners tell the news outlet is a “no-brainer” for its ease of use and consistent flavor output.

Around 300 Ketel One Espresso Martini machines are currently in use at cocktail bars, restaurants, arenas, casinos, cruise ships, and more.

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