kelsey-grammar-insideGood ol’ Kelsey Grammer. We loved him as the neurotic psychotherapist bar frequenter on Cheers, loved his antics with Niles and Roz on Frasier, and now we’re about to love him even more, as word has spread that he is planning to open a brewery on a farm in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York.

As it happens, Grammer has some rather awesome property in the Catskills and he wants to build an barn on it, grow hops and barley. “He’s got his plans in place and a brewer already picked out,” says Paul Leone, executive director of the New York State Brewers Association.

Leone, who actually broke the news about Grammer’s plan via a Facebook post, said the brewery is in the “initial stages of planning.” Supposedly it will be named Faith American Brewing Co., after Grammer’s youngest daughter, and will be located in Margaretville, a village on the northern edge of the Catskill Park.

“He’s being very thoughtful about this project and making it all about the quality of the beer,” Leone wrote in Facebook replies to commenters. “Good guy all the way around and we’re happy he’s building this here in New York State’s Catskill region.”

Leone speculates that the brewery probably won’t be completed for a year or more. But let’s hope it’s not too much more, as we can’t wait to find out what beer made by a psychotherapist — albeit a fictional one — tastes like!