Beer for breakfast is now more socially acceptable thanks to Seven Bro7hers Brewery, a Manchester, England-based operation rolling out two new beers made with Kellogg’s cereal. The cereal-packed brews are “Sling It Out Stout,” made with Coco Pops (Cocoa Krispies); and “Cast Off Pale Ale,” made with Rice Krispies, The Sun reports.

The beers are part of a Kellogg’s sustainability initiative to upcycle cereal not fit for commercial sale — for example, flakes that may be too large, or slightly discolored — and follow the formerly limited-edition“Throw It Away IPA,” made with Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, released last year.

To make the breakfast beers, Seven Bro7hers uses Rice Krispies and Coco Pops in place of of malted barley in the brewing process. In the case of Cast Off Pale Ale, Corn Flakes were used in place of wheat.

Seven Bro7hers isn’t the only brewery using Saturday morning favorites in their beer recipes. Smartmouth Brewing in Norfolk, VA released an IPA inspired by Lucky Charms in February 2019; and DuClaw Brewing of Baltimore, MD announced a sour ale with fruity pebbles in March 2019. The latter is currently celebrating Pride Month by donating a portion of can sales to the Pride Center of Maryland.

Other sweet combos on the market have included a Carvel partnership with Captain Lawrence Brewing of Elmsford, NY to make three ice-cream-cake-flavored beers: Fudgie the Beer, which is back this summer; Cookie Puss Birthday Beer; and Cookie O’Puss St. Patrick’s Day Stout. IHOP released a beer infused with its pumpkin spiced pancake mix in partnership with Keegan Ales of Kingston, N.Y. in September 2018. And Planters released Mr. IPA-Nut, a peanut IPA, with London’s Deviant & Dandy’s in October 2018.

For U.K. beer and cereal lovers, getting your hands on the new Kellogg’s beer trio is easy as Saturday morning: The beers are available in a variety pack on the Seven Bro7hers website, on tap at several pubs, and at Booths Country Stores.