Katy Perry has announced the launch of De Soi, a new line of alcohol-free aperitifs. The launch marks one the most significant celebrity endorsements in the widening world of non-alcoholic elixirs.

Perry announced the new brand on Twitter on Monday: “Just in time for SOBERUARY! Excited to announce @drinkdesoi a line of sparkling nonalcoholic aperitifs I’ve created w/ my fellow new mama/botany babe Morgan McLachlan,” tweeted Perry. “Our apéritifs are full of feel-good adaptogens for a drink that helps you create, relax & ease into the night.”

De Soi is one of many new brands in the NA sphere using adaptogens.
Credit: De Soi

She created the line with Morgan McLachlan, the former chief product officer and master distiller for Amass, a beverage and personal care label branded by its use of botanicals in its spirits and scents. The website states the NA spirits are evocative of “the French ethos of pleasure and restraint,” and use adaptogens to provide sensation rather than alcohol.

De Soi is one of many new brands in the NA sphere using adaptogens: others include Recess, Rebbl, and Sparkling Botanicals. As of now, the line features three varieties: Purple Lune, made with ashwagandha and tart cherry; Champignon Dreams, using reishi mushroom and Passion flower; and Golden Hour, featuring maca and lemon balm. All are made using green tea as a base, and are caffeinated and sparkling.

Of course, anyone who follows celebrity beverages already knows Perry is not the first A-lister to dip her toes in the “sober-curious” movement. In September, Bella Hadid announced she became the “co-founder” of Kin Euphorics, another adaptogenic centric NA beverage line that launched three years prior.

De Soi is priced at $25 for single 750ml bottles or four 237ml cans, as well as in variety packs for $70. A monthly subscription service is also available for purchase online at drinkdesoi.com.