Supermodel Bella Hadid is the latest celebrity to venture into the drinks business. The 24-year-old is joining RTD brand Kin Euphorics, taking on the role of partner and co-founder alongside CEO Jen Batchelor. Hadid’s role will be larger than just a celeb sponsor — though seeing as Kin Euphorics began two years ago, it leaves a lingering question: Is she really a co-founder?

Either way, Hadid joins Kin in their mission to turn “drinking into a conscious act of better being.” The wellness brand offers non-alcoholic RTDs with flavors like Kin Spritz and Lightwave, and partners with bars and culinary retailers including Soho House and Erewhon.

“The reason why I am coming on with Kin is not only to consistently give you new formulas, creatives, and products,” Hadid wrote on her Instagram, “but to also teach you about brain health and how we can help with the social, personal, physical, and mental pressures we face on a regular basis.”

Bella Hadid is Now a Cofounder of Kin Euphorics

Drinks like those from Kin Euphorics are preferred by those who choose not to partake in alcohol, or are seeking to drink socially without a morning hangover. Which is why the brand focuses on “brain care as self-care.”

The female-owned brand has raised over $10 million in funding since 2018. But Batchelor told Vogue that “it gets lonely” running a company on her own, so she enlisted the help of Hadid.

“The opportunity that we could do this 50-50 percent together, that’s what excited me,” Batchelor told Vogue.