The Finns Have a Word for Drinking in Your Underwear

Feel like getting drunk at home alone in your underwear? Well, there’s a word for that now — in Finland, at least: kalsarikännit.

And according to Indy100, kalsarikännit is taking off! So much so that two emojis have been created to represent the word. Because honestly, who has time to type out all thirteen of those letters to let your BFF now exactly how you’re spending your Friday night?

Add it to the list of words other countries have for delightful drinking traditions, like the German art of Frühschoppen (pronounced: Froo-shop-pen), or drinking beer before noon.

Indy100 also reports that the two emojis are part of a collection of 56 emojis, all used to visually explain difficult Finnish expressions and feelings. When all else fails, communicate with emojis from the privacy of your own home, with a glass of wine by your side, right?

In your underwear, of course.