A Kentucky liquor shop recently confirmed two alcohol violations related to a national investigation.

Justins’ House of Bourbon settled a Washington D.C. case on May 10 by admitting to two violations related to bookkeeping, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. In January, officials raided Justins’ House of Bourbon in Louisville and its Washington D.C. warehouse on suspicion of illegal alcohol transportation.

The liquor shop — owned by Justin Thompson, Justin Sloan, and Philip Lee — agreed to pay two $1,500 fines to the Washington D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for the respective violations: “failure to keep and maintain books and records on premises” and “interfering with an investigation by failing to produce documents within 48 hours.”

This deal includes dropping two separate violations pertaining to illegal liquor storage and transportation in Washington D.C.

While the latest news confirms the settlement of the D.C. case, Justins’ House of Bourbon is also connected to regulatory investigations from state officials in Kentucky, Texas, and Pennsylvania. In the May 10 case documents, officials failed to locate proper licensing for a Pennsylvania company that Justins’ claimed sold Weller bourbon to the liquor shop. Case documents also state the liquor shop illegally imported hundreds of Blanton’s bottles from the Netherlands.