This judge rules.

Last year, Philadelphia accountant, Greg Piatek was visiting New York when something he thought was “outrageous” happened: He was kicked out of a bar in the West Village for wearing a baseball cap that read “Make America Great Again” (also known as, the MAGA hat).

He sued the bar, the Happiest Hour in Manhattan, for emotional damages.

However, the New York Post reports, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice David Cohen ruled on Wednesday that there was nothing “outrageous” about the bar’s refusal to serve Patiek, and that while the law protects against religious discrimination, it does not protect against political discrimination. You’re on your own there, Piatek.

The judge’s ruling: “Here the claim that plaintiff was not served and eventually escorted out of the bar because of his perceived support for President Trump is not outrageous conduct.”

New York really doesn’t like Trump, you guys. You gotta respect that if you’re going to come drink here.