Ever find yourself in that awkward time of late-afternoon, where it seems too late for coffee but just a little too early for bourbon? Thanks to Jim Beam and White Coffee, you no longer have to choose. With the popularity of bourbon on the rise, NYC based White Coffee has partnered with Jim Beam to create a new line of non-alcoholic coffees. According to PR Newsire, the new creations come in both single serve and 12 oz. ground coffees, with five flavors available; Jim Beam Original, Bourbon Vanilla, Cinnamon Stick, Spiced Honey, and Signature Dark Roast.

According to the site, the flavor varieties are described as such: Jim Beam Original; sweet and mild with subtle vanilla oakiness, Bourbon Vanilla; sweet vanilla with creamy, woody notes, Cinnamon Stick; bold and spicy with sweet notes of baking spice, Spiced Honey; sweet, savory, and medium bodied, and Signature Dark Roast; smooth with smoky richness.

White Coffee is a third generation company based in Long Island City, New York and has been operating for over 75 years. Look for their Jim Beam collaboration coffees in a retail store near you later this spring.