Almost any activity can be turned into a drinking game with a little imagination, but sometimes the most surprising innovations are the most basic. Before you break out your old beer pong set, or fire up the Nintendo at your next get together, why not go back to basics with Jello Shot Jenga?

As reported by Crafty Morning, Minnesota woodworker Brian Calteaux had the so-simple-it’s-brilliant idea of putting a boozy spin on the classic game. He then started selling the “Little Tipsy” jello shot towers on his Etsy shop, Stone Point Woodwork.

You know the drill: Pull the blocks out of the tower and hope it doesn’t fall down. But in this case, fifteen of the pieces also have one (or two) slots that hold a jello shot for whichever player is lucky enough to find them. Having a few jello shots might make a game based on balance and stability seem harder to play, but it definitely adds to the fun.

Stone Point Woodwork currently sells two options, one-shot holding sets for $79, and two-shot-slot “Double Tipsy” towers for $89. Also included with each set are 25 plastic jello shot containers with lids, instructions for play, and a recipe card.

Due to (completely understandable) high demand, Calteaux is currently sold out. But don’t worry, he expects to have more “Little Tipsy” towers ready by March.