Everyone’s favorite plumber is a fun man to drink with. He’s been around for decades, entertaining the masses wherever the masses are with his running, driving, and just plain partying. I’m talking, of course, about Mario and his crew.

The fun doesn’t have to stop once you become an “adult,” either. Throw a couple of drinks into the mix and, no matter which game you’re playing, you’ve got outrageous fun on your hands. Here are the five best Mario games to turn into drinking games, whether you have a Nintendo 64, a Gamecube, or a Wii.

Mario Party

mario party is the best mario drinking game
Photo via Mario Party Legacy Network / Facebook

The ultimate communal game that never ends, Mario Party is like a board game for one to four people, where characters advance on the “board” and have to complete a variety of mini games. Play a game with 20 turns for a solid drinking version.

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Drink Suggestion: Beer and shots.


You drink when…

You get the lowest roll in a turn.

You land on a Bowser Space.

You or your team lose a mini game.

Boo steals from you. Drink until Boo is done stealing and take a shot if Boo steals a Star.

Everyone else drinks when…

Someone gets a Star.

Mario Kart

mario kart is the best mario drinking game
Photo via Mario Kart / Facebook

The Mario Kart drinking game, commonly known as Beerio Kart, is one of the best video game drinking games out there. Mario Kart is go-kart racing, but with banana peels, turtle shells, and magic mushrooms.

Drink Suggestion: Beer.


Drinking and driving is bad. Don’t do it — whether it’s in real life or in Mario Kart. The rules are simple: Start with an un-cracked beer. Open it as soon as the race starts, but you can’t touch the controller and your beer at the same time. If your Kart is in motion, you can’t touch your beer. It doesn’t matter if you chug your beer before the race starts, take driving breaks in between, or stop right before the finish and chug. Just finish your drink before you finish the race.

Super Smash Bros.

super smash bros is the best mario drinking game
Photo via Super Smash Bros. / Facebook

While technically a crossover and not solely a Mario game, Mario is indeed involved. Beat up on your friends, but with drinks.

Drink suggestion: Beer.


You drink when….

You lose a life.

After you die, chug until your character falls off the revival platform.

You get hit by a bumper.

Everyone else drinks when…

Your character’s name is being chanted.

You get an invincibility star.

You get a legendary Pokemon.

Every KO you get with a home run bat.

Mario Golf

mario golf is the best mario drinking game
Photo via Nintendo

Golf on the small screen, but with Mario and without all the walking.

Drink suggestion: Beer.


You drink when…

After every round, take a drink for the amount over par. If you’re under par, you give the amount under par to someone else.

You hit a ball into the water or out of bounds.

Every turn you spend in a sand trap.

Everyone else drinks when…

You hit a hole in one.


Super Mario Run

super mario run is the best mario drinking game
Photo via Super Mario Run / Facebook

You don’t need a console or fancy games to drink with Mario. Simply download Super Mario Run on your phone and grab a drink.

Drink Suggestion: Beer.

Rules: Keep it simple for this one. Drink when you beat someone, unlock a new character, and chug for 10 seconds for every new character you unlock, as well as when you clear all of the pink, green, and black levels. Also chug for the amount of seconds you have stars at the end of a level.