Wine Spa Pouring
Photo via Cottonmouth / Facebook

Certain types of joy can only be found in complete immersion. It can seem impossible in some cases, though, especially if you find the most joy in red wine (we know you do). Stop your doubts right this second and buy a plane ticket to Japan, because there’s a spa where you can literally bathe in your favorite beverage.

The Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan, has a red-wine pool that’s both bigger and better than that time you filled your bathtub with bottles of Two Buck Chuck. Not saying you’ve done that, but it’s a safe assumption the thought of doing it has crossed your mind. Before you pass any judgment, just know that it’s not all about wish fulfillment. The spa allegedly helps people look young. It probably doesn’t work (red wine has plenty of other health benefits, though, no worries), but it sure as hell will make you feel young.

Outside Wine Spa
Photo via HotelWiz / Facebook

Because as fun as it all sounds, the alcohol in red wine can dry out your skin. Do we really care? No. It’s literally a pool full of wine. Sure, you won’t peacefully float on top of wine for hours (alcohol is less dense than water, therefore you own’t be as buoyant), but anyone in the bath will absorb small amounts of alcohol from being submerged, according to The Naked Scientist, so who cares if you can float peacefully.

Now say you want to drink some wine, not just absorb it. Buckle up, because this is where it crosses the line from dreamy to trip worthy. People will stand outside of the pool and pour water into your hands to sip on. Or, for the less gentle soul, someone will stand outside of the pool and literally fling a bucket of wine into your face.

Tossing Bucket of Wine
Photo via Terra H / YouTube

Jesus may have walked on water and turned water into wine, but it would have been a huge hit if he combined the two and cannonballed in. The Yunessun Spa is the closest we can get in the modern age.

Book your plane ticket, schedule a visit, and find that full immersion bliss.