You now have zero excuses for missing this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Jameson is launching a contest to offer drinkers a $10,000 bonus to play hooky on March 17, according to an email from the brand. Starting March 6, individuals can pledge to take PTO on that day through the contest website to be entered for a chance to win a cash prize.

One winner will receive the $10,000 check, but only if they can prove they stepped away from their desk for the day. Jameson will call the winner between 3–4 p.m. that afternoon to ensure they’re celebrating properly with friends and family.

Fancy a green tea shot, anyone?

The contest coincides with a cheeky initiative from the Irish whiskey brand to encourage employees to take allotted PTO. Actor and producer Regina Hall partnered with Jameson to introduce the $17 Desk Decoy, a personalized cardboard cutout for people to place at their desks on St. Patrick’s Day.

Credit: Jameson

If your supervisor doesn’t fall for it, don’t blame us.

“We’ve all been there before — your boss forgot you took an SPTO [St. Patrick’s Time Off] and swings by to meet one-on-one. Or your finance department didn’t get your SPTO memo and requests your latest expense report while you’re out of the office,” Jameson vice president of marketing Johan Radojewski states in the release. “That’s why in the true spirit of Jameson, we are introducing the Jameson Desk Decoy: a comical, life-size version of yourself for the office, so the real you can take that planned SPTO and go celebrate St. Patrick’s Day — with a Jameson, Ginger & Lime — guilt free!”

All proceeds from the festive promotion will benefit the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. Orders for the personalized cutouts will end on March 10 and will be delivered by St. Patrick’s Day.

Getting paid to drink green beer and turn off email notifications for the day? Sounds like a St. Paddy’s Day miracle.