“Coffee and Irish whiskey are no strangers,” Jameson says, “but at Jameson we couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to their story.”

Taking inspiration from the growing popularity of iced, cold-brew coffee, the Irish distillery just released Jameson Cold Brew, a modern twist on the classic Irish Coffee cocktail.

At 35 percent ABV, the spirit blends triple-distilled Jameson whiskey with Fairtrade Arabica cold brew extract. The blend has a “distinctive, bold and natural,” flavor, Jameson says on its website, “with refreshing cold brew coffee impact followed by charred wood from the pot still whiskey contribution on the palate.”

Just 3,000 bottles have been released, the Drinks Business reports. And for now, you’ll need to head to Ireland to get your hands on one. Retailing at €28.50 (around $33), Jameson Cold Brew is available exclusively at the company’s Bow Street distillery in Dublin, as well as select O’Briens Wine and Spirits stores around the country.

But don’t go booking those flights just yet. Speaking to the Drinks Business, Jameson’s international whiskey ambassador, Ciaran O’Donovan, revealed that if the blend is a hit (and, let’s face it, how could it not be?), the brand aims to introduce Jameson Cold Brew to the U.S. market in 2019. In the meantime, seems we’ll just have to stick to all things pumpkin-spiced.