With bars and restaurants struggling to manage the economic fallout of the Covid-19 coronavirus, drastic measures are required to weather the storm. For one bar in Washington D.C., that means selling off one of the Western Hemisphere’s largest collections of whiskey.

Starting on Friday, Jack Rose Dining Saloon— known for its impressive collection of fine and rare whiskeys — will be selling discounted pours, flights, and entire bottles from its “whiskey bible” menu, to help the business and its employees survive the pandemic.

“When we come out of this on the other side I want to be debt-free and get everyone back to work — that means selling a shit ton of whiskey,” owner Bill Thomas told The Washingtonian.

Especially-rare whiskeys from Thomas’ stash (i.e. over $100 per pour), will be sold at a 50 percent discount at Jack Rose and its sister restaurant, Imperial. All other drams will receive a 20 percent discount and will be individually bottled to take home. Prices on full, unopened bottles will vary, but Thomas says they will go for less than the typical secondary-market rates.

For those looking to support the cause, but unable to throw down for a discount rare whiskey, there are also $10 to-go cocktails available at each location, as well as gift certificates for future whiskey flights.