Jack and Coke fans, rejoice! Your next at-home drink just got a lot easier.

In July 2022, Brown-Forman Corporation (the producer of Jack Daniel’s), and Coca-Cola announced the upcoming launch of a canned version of the beloved classic cocktail. The branded drinks will mix Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Coca-Cola.

The ready-to-drink cocktail will range between 5–9 percent ABV (depending on the market) and will be available in a zero sugar format, as well. In a 2022 press release, the company stated that the product will be available in Mexico in late 2022, with other markets to follow.

The RTD will be available in the United States starting in May, per a March 30 press release. The 7 percent ABV Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola can be found nationwide, both in standard and zero-sugar varieties. It retails for a suggested price of $12.99 per 4-pack.

“Coca-Cola perfectly complements Jack Daniel’s and our existing RTD offerings, enabling us to accelerate expansion and continue to grow our business around the world,” said Brown-Forman Corporation CEO and president Lawson Whiting.

While the Brown-Forman Corporation has previously launched RTD versions of classic cocktails — such as the generically-branded “whiskey and cola” or the sweet “apple fizz” — this is the first collaboration between the two large beverage companies.

The new drop follows the recent “boozification” of several other soft drinks, including HARD MTN Dew, a 5 percent ABV, 100-calorie version of the classic soda that was released in early June. The Coca-Cola company also launched Simply Spiked Lemonade around the same time, which was the third alcoholic release from the soft drink company in the past year.

In the last few years, RTD cocktail sales have soared. Between improvements in the quality of the cocktails and how easy they are to enjoy outdoors and at home with little to no effort on behalf of the consumer, the canned beverage trend shows no sign of slowing down.