Masaharu Morimoto, famed Japanese chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author, has added a new product to his culinary empire: Easy Cup Sake.

Easy Cup Sake by chef Morimoto is produced by Gekkeikan, a 381-year-old sake producer in Kyoto’s Fushimi district. The Morimoto-branded junmai comes in a picnic-ready five-pack of 7.1-ounce “cups,” or resealable glass jars, for $19.99.

Morimoto says he’s trying to make sake “easy” for American consumers. “Sake is not easy to understand,” he told the New York Times. “I’m making it easy.”

It’s an easy decision, as far as we’re concerned. Morimoto, most notably of Iron Chef fame, also has his own branded beer, grapeseed oils, knives, and cookbooks.