Flavored vodka can be a hard sell, but this brand is making the switch so much easier.

Last year saw no shortage of politically charged saisons and double IPAs, but now AMASS has the perfect spirit to bring into the mix. Its newest venture “Impeachment” is — you’ve guessed it — a peach flavored vodka with a touch of rose, ginger, and red currant.

AMASS Impeachment Vodka
Credit: AMASS

AMASS co-founder and chief product officer Morgan McLachlan explained to Food and Wine that the team launched the idea after Donald Trump’s second impending impeachment. After receiving a stellar response, they worked to develop “a spirit fit for celebrating the Inauguration.”

Under its tasting notes, the brand writes that “[s]oft rose petals give a delicate aroma, much like Donny’s ego.” As for the spirit’s finish, AMASS describes it as “satisfying,” just like “the sweet taste of victory.”

Home mixologists and bartenders looking to snag this collector’s item will have to act fast, as only 2,021 bottles of Impeachment will be made. For those who miss out on the celebratory spirit, perhaps the news itself will be good enough.