There’s no way around it, the Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference was iconic.

Two days after Rudy Giuliani hosted the event, the family-owned Philadelphia business started selling merchandise, including t-shirts with slogans like “Make America Rake Again” and “Lawn and Order.”

Now, Ireland’s Rascals Brewing Company has announced its own homage to the hilarious affair with a new beer: Four Saisons Total Landscaping.

The limited-release farmhouse ale is brewed with “sour grapes” and enjoys a light 4 percent ABV, according to UrbanDaddy. The beer will be available exclusively in Dublin, where the brewery is located.

Cans of Four Saisons display an illustration of Giuliani in front of an American flag and a “Make America Rake Again” banner. Standing at a podium, the former mayor cowers behind a copy of “Politics for Dummies.”

This isn’t Rascals’ first time mixing politics and booze. Last year, the brewery launched Impeachment Pale Ale in bright orange cans carrying the words: “Brewed with Pelosi Berries and Ukranian Hops.”

“We’re known for having a bit of fun and making some good beers as well,” the brand’s marketing manager Joe Donnelly told October. “Mind you this beer does have a lingering bitterness, much like the election.”