We’ve all used wine to help us get through some dark times. But few have been through the kind of dark times Former Secretary of State and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has faced in the past six months. From an all but assured win in the 2016 presidential election, Clinton lost to — well, you know the story.

But today, while giving a commencement speech at her alma mater, Wellesley, Clinton told today’s grads of a few of her coping mechanisms:

“You may have heard that things didn’t exactly go the way I planned. But you know what? I’m doing OK,” Clinton said five minutes into the speech, to raucous applause. Then she elaborated on the coping mechanisms that helped her get through those dark times. She spent a lot of time with her family and her grandchildren, for example. There were also long walks in the woods, and “organizing my closets,” Secretary Clinton said. “I won’t lie, Chardonnay helped a little, too,” Clinton joked.

Been there, Secretary Clinton! Well, sort of — for the Chardonnay-helped part, if not the losing-a-presidential-election-at-the-last-minute-part.

“But here’s what helped most of all,” she went on. “Remembering who I am, where I come from, and what I believe.”

We can drink to that.