On Dec.1 VinePair first wrote about Travis Scott’s new Cacti hard seltzer, after the artist offered “a glass beer bottle filled with a clear liquid” to a reporter at Forbes. On Thursday, the product was officially announced along with the news that it is expected to hit shelves in Spring 2021.

Real fans may remember Cacti from Scott’s FRANCHISE video, posted on Sept. 25 of this year. There, Scott opens a can of “Cacti” and warns it’s not an iced tea. The teaser was never directly linked to the release until Thursday.

An email press release sent out on Thursday morning quotes the line from the video, and explains what fans can expect from the brand.

While most hard seltzers are made with malt liquor, Scott’s will draw influence from tequila. Moreover, because the recipe used for Cacti is made with 100 percent blue agave, the seltzer can hold its own against “premium tequila” labels.

Scott worked with his Cactus Jack Creative Team and Anheuser-Busch to develop Cacti. According to the press release, the team hopes to bring Scott’s “signature (out of this world) aesthetic and creative narrative to life in the beverage space.”

Together, they developed three flavors: lime, pineapple, and strawberry. All three will be available in 12-ounce cans sold in nine-count variety packs. Lime and Pineapple will also be available in 16-ounce and 25-ounce singles.

Fans can sign up to get in line for the 7 percent ABV seltzers at drinkcacti.com. With the culture-shaping icon moving from franchise to franchise, who knows what he’ll do with a brand of his own.