Hendrick’s Gin inspires devotion among fans, not least because of its flavor profile developed by master distiller Lesley Gracie. Already a household name, the William Grant & Sons-owned gin brand continues to innovate with new releases and limited-edition runs. The latest, Orbium, is a twist on the original, adding extracts of quinine, wormwood, and lotus blossom to the mix.

The new brand is available as an on-premise-only release in select bars and restaurants.

According to Food & Wine, Orbium has a distinct floral aroma that puts lotus front-and-center. This gives way to the quinine and wormwood, which are perfect gin companions. (Quinine is the what gives tonic water its flavor, while wormwood is often used in vermouth, making the gin especially suited for a G&T or gin Martini.)

Interestingly, Orbium is also a favored label of TV personality and activist Karamo Brown, best-known for his role as the culture expert on Netflix’s “Queer Eye.”

Brown, who recently became a “friend and collaborator” of Hendrick’s, told VinePair that Orbium is the best bottle on his shelf, noting, “It makes the perfect Martini.”