Whether you plan on howling at the moon or mixing up a potion, Hendrick’s Gin has the perfect spirit for 2021’s first full moon: “Hendrick’s Lunar.

Announced as the second limited-edition release from master distiller Lesly Gracie, Hendrick’s ambassador to the U.S. Vance Henderson told Food & Wine the gin “offers a delicate balance of gentle spice and subtle floral notes with a soft citrus finish.” The release emphasizes everything restorative the full moon has to offer, and couples the noble satellite with 2021 wellness.

Henderson recommends pairing a Lunar & Tonic cocktail with a “moon bath” to welcome in new beginnings. (For those unfamiliar with the ritual, moonbathing usually involves basking in the cool, lunar energy of the moon to commune with nature. Hendricks has also released a hand how-to video with more info.)

The new gin will be released on Jan. 28, upon the first full moon of the year. While fans will have to wait through another cycle before properly bathing with the spirit, the release arrives just in time for Lunar New Year.