Another major brand is getting in on the no-ABV movement. On Thursday, Guinness announced the release of Guinness 0.0, a non-alcoholic version of its world-famous stout.

The new alcohol-free release is available now in the U.K. and Ireland and will roll out in markets worldwide throughout 2020. (As of publishing there is no exact date for the wider release.) Guinness 0.0 is also a lower-calorie option to its regular offering. Each can contains just 70 calories, compared to the regular 177 calories of the brand’s signature stout.

“We know people want to be able to enjoy a Guinness when they choose not to drink alcohol without compromising on taste,” Gráinne Wafer, global brand director at Guinness, said in a press release. “[A]nd with Guinness 0.0 we believe they will be able to do exactly that.”

The beer, which took the brewery four years to develop, is brewed as normal before using a cold-filtration method to remove the alcohol without compromising the beer’s flavor and characteristics, according to the company.

“The launch of Guinness 0.0 highlights our long-held commitment to innovation, experimentation, and bravery in brewing,” Wafer said, adding, “harnessing the power of our brewers and our ingredients, to create an alcohol-free beer that is 100 percent Guinness but 0 percent alcohol.”