An estimated 1.5 million Bostonians turned out to celebrate the Super Bowl victory at yesterday’s Patriots parade. Those that managed to get close enough to the Boylston Street procession witnessed a very familiar sight: a topless Rob Gronkowski chugging large quantities of alcohol atop a Duck Boat.

The Patriots’ tight end got the party started early on the unseasonably warm February morning with a $500 bottle of wine. According to the Boston Globe, Gronk’s tipple was a premium bottle of 2014 Hundred Acre Cabernet Sauvignon.

Based in Napa Valley’s St Helena subregion, Hundred Acre wines sell for hundreds of dollars, and Wine-Searcher lists this particular release at an average retail price of $495.

Opting for fine wine over cheap beer was somewhat out of character for Gronkowski. The six-foot, six-inch tall tight end channeled his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin to celebrate the Patriots’ 2017 Super Bowl victory, pounding Bud Light topless, two at a time.

It wasn’t long until normal service was resumed, however, and Gronk was back to doing what he does best. By midday, he had removed his Patriots fleece vest, ripped off his t-shirt, and started catching beers from the crowd (very cleanly, might we add), before chugging them.

The sight of beer splashing down Gronk’s bare torso is a familiar one for Bostonians — the Patriots have won three of the past five Super Bowls, and this is apparently how he celebrates — but this might be the last time they witness it. Rumors Gronk is set to retire are rife. One can only imagine what kind of a retirement bash that would be.