Watch This Grandma Chug Champagne Out Of The Stanley Cup Trophy

If you’re not tuned into hockey, this awesome thing might have passed you by. The Stanley Cup Finals, the National Hockey League’s championship series, took place in the first half of June. The matchup featured the Pittsburg Penguins and the San Jose Sharks and, after six games, the Penguins were crowned the victors.

Whether you care about hockey or not, you probably know it takes a ton of dedication and hard work to win a professional sports championship, so it’s only natural to celebrate once it’s all said and done. But the Pittsburg Penguins have taken celebration to a new level: more than a month later, they’re still partying with the Stanley Cup trophy.

Now, we’ve covered other championship teams partying after claiming their sports’ titles, so the Pittsburg Penguins taking their trophy shenanigans for the long haul is probably not a huge surprise. But celebrating with the Stanley Cup is a whole different ball (should we say puck?) game. The cup itself has a massive bowl on its top; naturally, hockey players take turns drinking alcoholic beverages from it. It’s a pretty crazy tradition, but the Penguins took it to a whole other level when they got a teammate’s grandmother to chug Champagne out of it.

If you don’t believe it, there’s an Instagram video to prove it. In it, right winger Phil Kessel’s grandmother drinks Champagne from the trophy held by two burly men. She seems to do a pretty good job, so props to her. Check out the video below:

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That’s right, friends. This is what we call a real celebration.